Anonymous: "OMG your art is beautiful please draw more Petra and Rivetra please!! :)"

Thank you so much! That’s really sweet of you. ;A; <3

Petra is my queen and Rivetra is my SnK OTP (Although I’ve been really inactive within the fandom) But I definitely will draw some more just for you! Please wait patiently for some! :) xo

Did you just take a photo?

Akira Amano new project

It’s too dangerous here. We’ll take care of the enemy. Please run as far as you can!ot



Photoshop animation test. Hope it’ll works!

Petra or Armin…? 

10min doodle. Why do doodles I blob out in 10 minutes always look nicer than things I work hard on? (I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t read anymore Ulysses…I just can’t)